Cleanup RoomList UI ops

Review Request #785 — Created July 2, 2021 and submitted — Latest diff uploaded




  • Mark unused parameters, and remove unnecessary widgets passed to callbacks.
  • Remove unused purple_roomlist_[gs]et_protocol_data.
  • Remove unused list of PurpleRoomLists.
  • Inline update_roomlist using GObject macros.
  • Remove use of PurpleRoomListUiOps->destroy.
    This can be achieved through object destruction notifiers.
    I'm not sure how the room list would ever get destroyed in Finch though, as the
    widget seems to hold a ref to it, which is cleared when the list is destroyed.
    But the list can't be destroyed until said ref is dropped.
  • Replace PurpleRoomlistUiOps->in_progress with notify signals.

Compile only. Might have done some tests, but I wrote this a while back and don't remember.