Fix several issues with PidginAvatar in a conversation

Review Request #1689 — Created Aug. 30, 2022 and submitted — Latest diff uploaded




  • The content-fit option is only in GTK 4.8+.
  • A static file can't be set as a GdkPixbuf, which causes warnings when
    hovering over the avatar.
  • The custom icon menu didn't work as it only checked for an attached buddy.
  • Changing the custom icon didn't cause a refresh in the buddy icon; this is
    fixed now, but in a slightly annoying way.
  • Changing the custom icon in the buddy list doesn't change the icon in the
    conversation window; this is not yet fixed due to missing signals.

The latter two can probably be fixed better when buddies/contacts have better

Hovered over avatar in a conversation, which didn't cause any warnings.
Picked all options in Custom Icon menu from a conversation, and they all worked as expected (except for a few buddy list / conversation interactions noted above.)

Also, only tested IM conversations; probably broken in chat conversations, since there are no checks for it?