Add how to submit a bug report and debugging sections

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Tackling both of these at once since they are related (a lot of the times to
submit a good bug report you need to provide a debug log or crash dump).

The contents of these sections are heavily based off the content of the old
wiki pages, primarly TipsForBugReports and GetABacktrace.

Ran and verified contents look as intended.

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  2. hugo/content/about/security/ (Diff revision 2)

    can you change the -d to --debug. A lot of our old docs use the short flags that aren't immediately recognizable like the long arguments.

  3. You don't need to number these yourself, you can just keep using 1. that way you can reorder things much more easily.

    1. Gotcha. I knew about this but I wasn't aware if we wanted to follow that style for markdown numbered lists :) Maybe at some point I'll start the discussion to add a markdownlinter and setup a markdownlint rules file so that this becomes more explicit for anyone contributing. In rev3 I changed all the numbered lists modified in this PR to always start with a 1..

  4. Should probably us as the link target as it'll select th pidgin project and hide closed reports by default.

    1. done in rev3. Since this may be a URL that we may want to repeat a few times in Nest I added a param for it in config.toml.

  5. You might want to mention that they can create an issue as a place holder and then have an Pidgin developer flip the issues to pidgin devs + reporter only. But I'm not sure of a concise way to really put that..

    1. I'm cool with stating adding an issue in YouTrack visible to only the Pidgin Team as an alternative to sending the report to our security mail list. However, I'd prefer to do that in a separate PR since that would be about modifying part of our Security vulnerability reporting process (well, not really modifying... more like expanding). What do you think of this?

    2. Yeah that sounds like a good plan :)

  6. use url from above.

    1. done in rev3, see comment above for more details

  7. hugo/content/development/ (Diff revision 2)

    might want to change this to pidgin --debug |& tee ~/debug.log which does the same thing but also echoes it out to the terminal.

  8. hugo/content/development/ (Diff revision 2)

    I think it's c:\Program Files (x86)\ now? And might have been for a while...

    1. I believe that the Program Files (x86) directory is for 32 bit applications, whereas 64 bit applications are stored in Program Files. I'd guess Pidgin2 on Windows is a 64 bit application? To be honest I never installed Pidgin on Windows (not a Windows user) so I might be wrong...

    2. It's only 32 bit

    3. Okay then, in rev4 I changed the path to Program Files (x86)

  9. hugo/content/development/ (Diff revision 2)

    Holy crap thanks for getting all this info together!!

  10. hugo/content/development/ (Diff revision 2)

    might want to use gdb --args pidgin --debug |& tee ~/pidgin-backtrace.log ?

  11. hugo/content/development/ (Diff revision 2)

    could mention pidof here too

  1. Ship It!
  2. Awesome work! Thank you very much!!

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